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High quality wood pellets

Our pellets are made from natural, high quality wood.

Sawdust supplier

Finest sawdust and sawdust products available.

Wood chips and shavings

BKM Wood "ZDOROVIY SON" is the lead supplier of wood chips and biomass resource assessment. Stop looking for woodchip suppliers, and come to BKM Wood "ZDOROVIY SON" today.

Wood Pellets with less ash and more heat for your money. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Delivery & Transport

BKM Wood "ZDOROVIY SON" products are used as raw material by leading companies to produce high quality final products as furniture.

The company operates its own delivery system of specialized vehices to deliver goods to its corporate customers.

Why Buy Wood Pellets?

Bio-mass wood pellet fuel is becoming a major fuel for home and commercial users, displacing mainly oil and gas boilers. Our wood pellets for sale are convenient and easy to use, whether bought as bagged pellets or bulk pellets, and they are cost effective in comparison to heating oil or LPG.

If you are considering replacing a boiler it is the perfect time to buy wood pellets.

What are wood chips?

Wood chips are small pieces of wood that can be made from a broad variety of raw material such as wood residues (i.e. logging residues, wood from forest thinning operations, stumps and roots, wood waste)

Wood chips can form a much more uniform fuel that can flow and can be fed to a boiler, gasifier or other conversion system as a steady flow using an auger feed or a conveyor.

Logs For Sale

Our seasoned logs are grown and harvested in Ukraine. We ensure that all the logs for sale from BKM Woods are air dried and processed to fit stoves and open fires. This is an extremely cost effective method of heating your home.

We supply a selection of timber to our clients that we can guarantee the moisture content and the quality of on a consistent basis.

Hear It From Our Customers

  • Alex Badera, Ukraine

    You were very good about putting my pellets in the garage for me... when I first found your company you answered ?s as soon as I asked very QUICK response and very friendly. We plan on staying with this company. I also like how you have one shipping fee.
  • Elena, Ukraine

    My experience with BKM Wood has been amazing. The customer service, the ordering process, to the delivery process has all be well worth the cost of the pellets. I will be back in the future
  • Janos, Hungary

    This delivery was the best of all the previous orders that I have placed with BKM Wood. The pallet was placed exactly where I had specified, none of the bags were damaged, it was completely covered with protective wrap ... just a great service. Thanks
  • Dennis, Belarus

    I been buying pellets for two years now form your compamy and must I say you make me fell like I,am part of your family not just as customer as other companies make me feel like!

BKM Wood-Wood-Chips

Our Business Hours

We are here to serve during the following business hours:

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Company Info

BKM Wood "ZDOROVIY SON" is committed to being the most complete and biomass heating company in the Ukraine, make a contribution to biomass energy becoming the largest contributor to renewable heat in the Ukraine.

We accept

  • Telegraphic Transfer
  • Letter Of Credit
  • Western Union
  • Money Gram
  • Mode of payment

Contact us

Main Office

Address: 18/24 Pushkina Str
Zip: 36011
City: Poltava
Country/Region: Ukraine

Tel: + 380-93-46-30809

Branch Office

Address: 84/b Istenhegyi Str,
Zip: 1125
City: Budapest
Country/Region: Hungary

Tel: + 36 2024 41 30

Contact us